Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Revlon Mon Cherry Scented Polish

Finally got around to trying Revlon's Mon Cherry, faint cherry smell here. Not entirely sure that I'm keen on the shade, think it is more of a pedi one for me. This is just missing some pop, it's nice though. Oh, sorry for another half moon mani, but when my nails are long it is all I can do to not rock a half moon mani. lol. Might retake the picture again tonight, it is all wonky.

Blech, raining up a storm today.

My bottle of KO Liberty is on it's way, so says the email. Can not wait for this one!

Because of that purchase have made it a no buy this month, unless I find those new Sally Hansen Insta Dry new shades! Must resist. Must resist.

For fun thought I'd put a video in this post, one of my fav. HorrorPops songs, 'Where you can't follow' ^^ Love that Patricia Day, she's amazing.


  1. I like that color on you! I haven't tried this one yet...someday! I've not seen the new SH polishes yet, the neons or the previous ones.

  2. I like the half moon mani on you, it looks nice. Where are those darn SH Neons hiding at???

  3. I never have found any of the Salon newer ones, which was disappointing, was well pleased to come upon the neons though. Couldn't take that plunge with the yellow one heheh tempting as it was :)

  4. I love the color of Mon Cherry. Like the half moon mani. I wore the Mon Cherry for over a week. I just loved the color.