Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SH Insta Dri in Blue Streak

Hmm, for a start this has more of a green tone than this picture indicates. This is Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Blue Streak, didn't do a clean up because this didn't stay as a mani, this color which I do like,mind, doesn't lend itself to a half moon mani. ^^

Hoping maybe Liberty comes today!


  1. I like this color. Oh i wanted to let you know I took the plunge and put in an order with NYX last night. I'm so excited! I also found in their Sale section some eyeshadows and colored mascaras that were even more discounted! I can't wait to get my order!

  2. The pinky nail looks teal, so I can kind of see the green you were talking about.

    Can't wait to see Liberty!

  3. I have this color. Just love it! Very nice on you!

  4. Yay Kity, that's so awesome, can't wait to find out what you chose!
    Thanks Velvet :)
    Strange the greenish hue, love it tough. Oh Liberty arrived today, wearing it now!

  5. That's pretty, I see some green in there too. Can't wait for Liberty on you!