Thursday, May 14, 2009

Midnight on the Midway Polish

Ladies, I'd like your help, how can I make this a better blog, more pictures? More diverse colors? More verbose? Less so? Any suggestions or requests to grow this blog I'd love to take! Looking into getting a better camera down the road as well.

Today is Black Phoenix's Claw Polish in Midnight on the Midway. It is a metallic grape that sometime can cast pinkish in the light. Very silvery in bottle. As you can see I've come to the end of my corrector pen sadly! Need to pick up another quick snap. This is two coats with a top coat of Poshe.

Indoor lighting.


Another outside snap.


  1. Hmmm, I say more pictures!! I like that you added more pics in this post.

    Do you subscribe to anything like Fuel my Blog or Blog Catalog? Those can be a handy way for people to find your blog, so you can reach new people.

    Ask questions, that seems to me one way that people who don't usually comment will leave a comment.

    I think your blog is great though :) Hope that one of those suggestions might help and I will keep thinking on it and if I come up with anything else I will comment again :) Love ya :)

  2. I love that purple, it's so intense! Major shine, too. I love your blog, but more pictures are always good, it seems. I'm content with looking at one, but I seem to get more comments when there are more pictures. I'm always moving elements around a bit in mine, changing the background, which I'm about due for, just because I'm never satisfied. I don't know how much of that is noticed by others, I do it more for my own self-satisfaction. I really enjoy your writing also, it's informative and funny. Keep up the good work :)

  3. What a great purple! I don't think I've heard of Black Phoenix. I'll have to look them up. I think Brooke and Mary covered all bases. Also,maybe pics of different angles of the polish. And angles under different lighting. Anyway...I like your blog as it is. Keep it coming!!

  4. I love this color! I've never heard of this brand either. I like your blog a lot. If you come up with anything that works for the blog let me know! lol

  5. I thought of another KILLER way to bring people to your blog - a GIVEAWAY!! It brings people out of there "no comment" shell, and some even continue to leave comments. Keep a look out for great sales, and pick up extras when you can.

    Also giveaways that are geared toward "followers" will get more people following your blog too.

    That's all I got for now, but if I think of anything else, I will be sure to share.

  6. I think your blog is great!

    I look up EVERY new/weird/foreign polish brand I see. You should add a little 'blog-roll' of the companies you have been modeling, I think U added a link within your post.( there have been 3 ones I have looked up form your blog so far) then send that company an email... = possibly some free goodies for you!!♥!! you will be creating exposure for them, too

    { I am a staunch opponent of payola but that's the way the world works :o( ......}

    Honestly without people bogging about these new companies or obscure companies, I would likely have not heard of them.

    Yes, a give-away will send people to look at your blog too! = other bloggers and the giveaway site will mention you.

    I think you are doing a fine job, thanks for all the info. I rarely see the 'black-tips french and think it looks really pretty.

    This polish today is cool, I like the grape family of purple, with different finishes....

  7. Ladies, I appreciate all your help, I'm definitely going to work in all that I can, your suggestions rock ^^

  8. I really enjoy your blog. I agree with the other ladies with more pictures. I also think it's very important to answer comments and acknowledge people. I know you do and I appreciate it. It's a little frustrating when you take the time to comment and the person doesn't even bother to respond. You are terrific. Love that purple polish. Very deep color and purple is one of my favorite polishes.

  9. Good advice in your blog. Thanks a lot.