Thursday, May 7, 2009

KO Liberty! DS(i) fun

KO Liberty is here, and is just lush! Really does look like that green over copper patina.

Sorry for the hasty semi clean up, just wanted to post how gorgeous this was. Less haste, more speed. XD

This is three coats, and is extremely quick to dry. Keep having to peek at this mani, really love the combination of color and flatness.

They have one called Ox out now, and it's my dream been hoping for an Ox blood colored polish and for a flat one at that. How can I resist. Oh what to do.

My nephews popped over last night with their DSis, they traded in their DSes apparently you get a good deal of cash on trade in for a DSi. Anyways, we were messing in Pictochat chatting and they can send and write/draw to mine in a rainbow which is so cute. Wonder if they can in individual colors as well. Looks like the DSi is worth upgrading to, but am going to wait to see if they release another wave of colors, as it is just blue and black right now...don't want to surrender my pink/Boba Fett number just yet.


  1. i LOVE THIS! I wish I could afford one of these, one day I will get my greedy hands on one.

  2. Cool! Very stunning! I like a lot!! Two of my kids have DSes. They've been wanting to get the new DSis. Never occured to me about possible trade in. To up grade. Hmmm..! I feel like our family is the, "electronic junkie"!

  3. Very cool color. (I would still slap some seche on there though! lol)

  4. Thanks ladies!
    Velvet, I think the trade in is about $70 dollars off the purchasing price.
    Brooke, lol! XD Actually I think I'd like to put some on and see how it looks shining as well.

  5. omg i love that colour
    i sooo want a matte nail polish but i cnt get them over hear :( i really want man glaze or 1 of these ones

  6. That has got to be one of the best new polishes of the year! Looks great on you.

  7. I love this polish. Looks pretty on you. I love the matte look. I would also put on the Seche Vite for another look. I wonder if this is a dupe for Peppermint Patti?

  8. Ohhh, that is beautiful! I like matte too.

  9. Have you seen the new wave of Japanese DSi colors? Pink, lime and dark blue: They look sweet, but, sadly the J-language firmware makes 'em a no-go for me. :(

  10. Lucy, I'll post a picture of Liberty and Peppermint Patti side by side for comparison.

    Pixie, I'm looking forwards to the Zoya mattes as well, those look super.

    Z, dag that is an interesting release of colors, the lime is wild. But as you say the firmware is an issue. May just have to suck it up and rock that blue one.