Tuesday, March 31, 2009

KO Hotness! Mascara ramble...

Oh hotness, Knock Out Cosmetics has a new shade called Karen and it is a foxy foxy foxy looking red. Check out the picture, it makes those gorgeous bottles pop even more! There's also a treatment called Flatte Top which is a sealant and top coat which will bring you back to matte after a few days of wear. I've a Tony and Tina matte top coat which I love. The thing is ancient but still does the trick.

Karen though, it just looks amazing in the photos. I totally caved and purchased it. Earlier this month for my birthday my lovely sister gave me Calamine and Flatte Black. I can't say enough about them. The black is just so inky dark, and it is different than ManGlaze's The Death Tar, worth purchasing both IMHO. Will swatch Flatte Black soon! So excited about Karen, if there was an ox blood or navy ever slated...would be floored.

The sun is finally out today, after nearly a week of on and off rain. Now if only it would warm up a touch, but can not complain really after seeing the sun!

Picked up Max Factor's 2K Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper today and am looking forwards to giving that a go, the last couple mascaras I have bought have been let downs. Looking at you Maybelline Lash Stiletto! You in the back as well, Cover Girl Lashblast Luxe!

The store mercifully and unfortunately didn't stock Cadbury Mini Eggs! ^^

Get thee behind me choccy!


  1. You should do some side by side pics of the man glaze and the KO Flatte black. I wonder what a swatch of that red looks like too.

    I was disapointed with the Lash Stiletto too! Another case of cute packaging got me again!!

  2. I will definitely do a side by side. Really disappointed over the Stiletto, would love if one facet of it worked be it length or the touted patent gloss. Cute packaging Grrr!

  3. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog!! I love it!

  4. oh ^^ thank you so much, glad you like it!