Friday, May 29, 2009

Butter London Big Smoke

Today we have another Butter London polish, this time up is Big Smoke, which is a dusky medium navy blue. I like the color a lot. The formula on this one, not so much. I used four very generous coats, and still in some places in the light I can slightly still see through. So I'm slightly disappointed,now I know why it was sat there so full in the collection. XD But, with a white or black base that can be remedied depending on how dark you want to go I reckon. Photographs a tad darker than it is. Four coats with a top of Poshe. Bottle shot!

Indoor lighting.

Outdoors, it was a bit drizzly so this wasn't in the normal spot but best place I could get with good light. Should it clear will take another picture.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Butter London Mariner

Here's a lovely vampy blackened green I've been wanting to wear for a while but hadn't when I'd the longer nails. Butter London's Mariner. This shows up so dark,very nearly black. Check it out in the bottle.

In fact once on you can it is hard to detect the green, but it super pretty. The only way to clearly see it start green is to see the hot mess the first coat leaves, which is a streaky horror, but the second coat adheres like a dream and all is forgiven. Really the second coat takes away the horror of the first. The square bottle is fiddly to deal with. But I'm showing the first coat because it does show the green base. Mess below, take a sedative before looking!

Two coats of Mariner, indoor lighting, with a top coat of Poshe.

Outdoor, sunlight.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Zoya Indigo Polish

I decided to leave the bottle picture bigger so you could see the multi colored glitter flecks in the polish. When applied they really aren't prevalent on, but they are there and will catch the odd light here and there. Quite pretty.

I need to get some vaseline so I can try the tip about clean, this pooled a fair bit around my cuticles the Poshe kinda 'helped' that out too. Two coats of Zoya's Indigo with a top coat of Poshe. Indoor lighting.

Outdoor light, slightly overcast.

Wasn't able to capture the glitter effect, but it is hard to see even when looking for it with the bare eye, it is a pretty surprise that catches the eye sometimes. Maybe with a third coat, hmmm.

Hope everyone is having an excellent week-end!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nyx Asphalt Polish

I've been so excited to give this one a turn, it is Nyx polish in Asphalt. Which is a black base polish with rainbow glitter, it is wildly fun. Love it! This is two coats with of course a top off of Poshe.

Indoor lighting.

Outdoors in sunlight.

And I'd caved on my no buy this month, and bought three Zoya polishes. Indigo with it's multi colored glitter I couldn't resist, and of course I couldn't stop at one so to keep it company on it's journey with it came Rihana and Dita.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well, I trimmed my nails to nubbins, of course today I miss the length. lol. Naturally! XD But really when the polish was off the peeling and staining wasn't pretty, it was like split ends on the nails they were due to come off unfortunately, but I did enjoy them! Also this is fun because I've a good array of dark polishes to swatch and I like how they look on my nails a shorter size, on others I like the vampy/ longer length combination but on my hand I think it looks alien! Ahh well without further adieu...Knock Out Ox!

Indoor lighting.

Outside, in the sun no less!

This is a gorgeous plummy ox blood purple. Two coats. During high school I used to dye my hair this shade, and sport a pair of doc martins in this color too. heheh.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Color Club Electronica /KO Ox bottle

Ugh still without corrector, but here is the glorious Color Club Electronica, I don't know why despite lighting conditions it photographs such a royal blue, but is it ever a deep shimmering purple irl. Don't mind the almighty horror I made of my index fingernail, they state of them with using the nail guides for the french tips and all the acetone have made them quite icky so I'm going to trim them tonight.

In bottle shot of CC Electronica.

Indoor lighting. Two coats, with a top of Poshe, for the length a third coat wouldn't of been amiss some spots I could still see a bit of streak through in the length.


Oh and Ox came today, so very excited about this, my future nubbins can't wait.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Full Hand Amour Rainbow Hologram/Revlon Black Lingerie

First of all I'd like to thank you for all the input, I'll reply here instead of replying in the comments. I truly appreciate your taking the time out to comment and I'm totally going to implement a lot of it! I've got an idea brewing about a giveaway that hopefully I can have going at the beginning of the month as well now.

<3s ladies!

I'd been concerned because I'd lost a follower and you are all super dear to me, so any thing I can do to improve and keep you engaged is something important!

I reckon the FFXI post is what caused it lol. Can't promise something that horribly dirty nerdy wont happen again in future! Will try and keep that to a minimum.

Decided to retry Amour's Rainbow Hologram with the Revlon Black Lingerie tips, with Poshe top coat. I'd shown it on just one nail the other day because I'd rushed it and gotten frustrated. It was worth redoing, and I think I'd like to get more of these Amour (Unique Ruby not withstanding! hur hur!)

Indoor lightning.

Outdoors,really shows the iridescent sparkles. Such a milky pink base too, that builds on a second coat, but this is just one coat over the black with the Poshe top. Again sorry about the clean up, corrector pen ahoy and better remover.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Midnight on the Midway Polish

Ladies, I'd like your help, how can I make this a better blog, more pictures? More diverse colors? More verbose? Less so? Any suggestions or requests to grow this blog I'd love to take! Looking into getting a better camera down the road as well.

Today is Black Phoenix's Claw Polish in Midnight on the Midway. It is a metallic grape that sometime can cast pinkish in the light. Very silvery in bottle. As you can see I've come to the end of my corrector pen sadly! Need to pick up another quick snap. This is two coats with a top coat of Poshe.

Indoor lighting.


Another outside snap.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Revlon Black Lingerie/Amour Brilliant Ocean Blue

I decided to retry the suggested french mani with the black tips with Amour's Brilliant Ocean Blue with Revlon's Black Lingerie, and it is so pretty. Turned out much lovelier than the Rainbow Hologram. Took a picture indoors and out, couldn't capture how nice this actually was. The metallic blue it turned the tips is so shiny and shimmers light blue as well in the light.

And outdoors.

Oh when I was going on about FFXI yesterday forgot to mention about how much I dig the RDM JA Composure, finally when they got round to giving RDM one it was decent. Eventually I'll post some of my geeky but cute screenies, if I can find em. lol.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FFXI Anni Ring Time. Stats Ahoy. Geekery Inside.

So it is time that the Anniversary XP band is released, joy and rapture. Not sure which job I'll bung the uses on, either finish out WHM or ease the pain of BLM lvling with. But with the mog giving you your band you also get your yearly updated stats of various things like...

KO'd : 1260 deaths. I'd of thought it'd be more with Campaign/Besieged and my nasty habit of getting ganked purposely by Blackbeard fishing. That's over the course of four years.

Battles fought: 49954. Although I did Campaign so I'm sure it's gone over since I reckon the numbers go per mob.

Defeated: 35312 of the above mobs. Wahey.

GM calls : 3. How helpful were they. 0. Sorry. How many I've seen in 4 years. 3! Sick gear though worth a look should people be shouting one is around lol.

Frightening chat frequency number I'm not even going to show, etc.

Got to 17 fishing, not on purpose, am fishing up nebs like crazy for money as I don't have the patience to farm my new tier two En spells or the rest of my new WHM spells. Plus I plunked a shazz load on a HQ Dark staff upgrade...finally because I'm cheap with the gil. Farming is the devil. Might have to sell my blau. Naaah.

Amour Rainbow Hologram/Misa Fatal Affair

Decided to try another of the special Amour's, this time Rainbow Hologram, I used for the tip Revlon's Black Lingerie. The whiteness of the polish turned it purplish. Rainbow hologram in itself is a pinkish white with iridescent glitter. I'd done full hands but had messed it up royally and wasn't bothered to start over. Rage! lol.

This is Misa's Fatal Affair, and I am in love. It is a gorgeous vampy deep purple with a blue shimmer, it is just stunning and so shiny irl. The blue doesn't translate super well in the picture. The formula was sort of thick though so it took an age between coats, but luckily only needed just the two.

Woof, I've Ride the Lightning in my head. Lovely! Jaunty tune ftw!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Amour Brilliant Ocean Blue Polish

This is Amour in Brilliant Ocean Blue, bought from Transdesign. Two coats. Really very shimmery, with good coverage, could have gone with a third though. This was one of the color effect polishes that if you use black base are supposed to be super reflective, but this was swatched over a clear base. Did try the black with the red/Unique Ruby to pants results lol. But will maybe retry this with the black tips to start as they suggest. I think this blue is quite pretty as it stands though.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

SH Lime Lights, Liberty/Peppermint Patti

Here is Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Lime Lights, just two coats, because I liked just that little bit of sheer despite the state of my nails. Really beautiful shade, catches the light. ^^.

Also, here is a side by side for Lucy, who was asking if Knock Out Liberty was a dupe for MAC Peppermint Patti, despite the frosted bottle of Liberty, the color is true. Peppermint Patti is darker, almost a bit yellower in tone green than Liberty.

Also, happy Mother's Day to the mums reading. ^^

Thursday, May 7, 2009

KO Liberty! DS(i) fun

KO Liberty is here, and is just lush! Really does look like that green over copper patina.

Sorry for the hasty semi clean up, just wanted to post how gorgeous this was. Less haste, more speed. XD

This is three coats, and is extremely quick to dry. Keep having to peek at this mani, really love the combination of color and flatness.

They have one called Ox out now, and it's my dream been hoping for an Ox blood colored polish and for a flat one at that. How can I resist. Oh what to do.

My nephews popped over last night with their DSis, they traded in their DSes apparently you get a good deal of cash on trade in for a DSi. Anyways, we were messing in Pictochat chatting and they can send and write/draw to mine in a rainbow which is so cute. Wonder if they can in individual colors as well. Looks like the DSi is worth upgrading to, but am going to wait to see if they release another wave of colors, as it is just blue and black right now...don't want to surrender my pink/Boba Fett number just yet.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SH Insta Dri in Blue Streak

Hmm, for a start this has more of a green tone than this picture indicates. This is Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Blue Streak, didn't do a clean up because this didn't stay as a mani, this color which I do like,mind, doesn't lend itself to a half moon mani. ^^

Hoping maybe Liberty comes today!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mon Cherry part 2, CVS Haul,Max's Art!

Took another shot of Mon Cherry, because that last one was pants, just didn't look right!'s on the green metallic backdrop which for no reason find amusing.

Here's my CVS haul, click on if you'd like to see it larger.

Had to pick up a scrip and thought, wow excuse to peruse for nail polish. I got Poshe top coat, was cheaper than Seche, think it was on sale. Also one of the Sally Hansen Insta Dri's in Blue Streak and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Lime Lights, I adore that sort of shimmery green, it isn't always the most flattering but it is so cute!

What all else, oh a replacement mascara. Had meant to do a review of Max Factor's 2K Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper saturday and that afternoon before snaps were made I fell prey to the pink eye that'd been going round the house, no amount of hand washing and Purell action worked. I thought I'd evasion +1 too. lol. So I had to toss that mascara, was going to rep it but saw this new Revlon mascara called DoubleTwist. The wand is interesting it looks like a combo of a bristle brush with the newer soft plastic style intertwined. So looking forwards to trying it once I'm sure the conjunctevitus has cleared completely. Not fun, I can tell you! First time in all my years I've ever had it. Not a fan! XD

Oh, and I promised my nephew to feature his artwork, and here is the little charmer with a picture he drew of his favorite wrestler, Jeff Hardy, replete in face paint. He's got a few more that are fantastic of Hardy as well ^^

Max is standing in front of my nerd nook. *^^*;

Revlon Mon Cherry Scented Polish

Finally got around to trying Revlon's Mon Cherry, faint cherry smell here. Not entirely sure that I'm keen on the shade, think it is more of a pedi one for me. This is just missing some pop, it's nice though. Oh, sorry for another half moon mani, but when my nails are long it is all I can do to not rock a half moon mani. lol. Might retake the picture again tonight, it is all wonky.

Blech, raining up a storm today.

My bottle of KO Liberty is on it's way, so says the email. Can not wait for this one!

Because of that purchase have made it a no buy this month, unless I find those new Sally Hansen Insta Dry new shades! Must resist. Must resist.

For fun thought I'd put a video in this post, one of my fav. HorrorPops songs, 'Where you can't follow' ^^ Love that Patricia Day, she's amazing.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nyx Titanic Polish

Decided to do a moon mani, this is my fav. style of application usually I'd use Revlon Color Stay in one of their two shades of red, vintage was the better one. That polish suited the style perfectly but was a (let me think of a non sailor mouth adjective) a...a...bear to remove, not unlike Purple Avenue's glitter extravaganza. Think they've long since stopped making it. But I digress (shocker), decided to give it a go with Nyx's Titanic and love the results. Cleaned up by using Nailene strips and a corrector pen, but still close up you can see it but looks fantastic under not such up close scrutiny. Maybe ^^ The Nyx formula is wonderful both coats dried extraordinarily quickly.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Petite Haul,Mad About Mango Polish, Smith's Lippy

Humming, coming atcha. Or something.

Righty, here's Mad About Mango, another of Revlon's scented line. I was surprised how well I liked it on, it pools a bit, but more fault lays with the fact of my application, must try and master applying above instead or right down in there. The scent, well it smells like any and all kinds of Hubba Bubba gum, ever, stronger than Not so Blue-Berry that's for sure. ^^

Here's my petite Nyx haul, three polishes that came in a box that could have shipped twenty, lol. These are gorgeous.

From left to right is Titanic,Purple Avenue and Asphalt. I'd had to have Asphalt after seeing swatches, anything black and with any hint of rainbow I must get my greedy mitts on.

Decided to try on Purple Avenue first, it has this amazing large chunky holographic glitter, reminds me of some Nfu Oh's. I'm wearing three coats and it gives this light flush of purple to the nails, I like how subtle it is. Bet this would be forgiving if you chipped it. Also this would make a dead lovely top coat. But I do recommend a clear coat over it, not from lack of shine but that not all the glitter lays flat, it is more of a bumpy texture.

Lastly, have to go on about Smith's Minted Rose Lip Balm.

I didn't take a picture inside, because the pot has seen a lot of use and you don't need to see that lol. Horrors! But I must say how lovely it feels, there is a hint of peppermint that isn't over bearing and rose oils. The shade is a reddish pink that goes on quite sheer for just a tint of pink, it moisturizes and is glossy. Lips feel very kissy in it. (Is that a word? XD) Highly recommend it!