Monday, March 30, 2009

CG Blue Sparrow, Anatometal Fauxpal Cabs

Here's a quick picture, didn't do clean up as I just painted them and thought wow, look how much it matches flashwise with an old pair of my Anatometal Bling Eyelets, which is Signity cabochon faux opal in #13. Don't think it quite shows how well they pair match up in the light. Might have to rep this pair in my current size. Which would require saving up...Still researching cams. /sigh!

This is three coats of Blue Sparrow, in pictures it looks bubbly application wise. But that is actually just the glitter, it doesn't appear bubbly IRL.

Really like the CG formula though it dries quickly and is super shimmery. The tint is called Blue Sparrow (Neon). When my sparrow tattoos were fresh the shade sans glitter is kind of close lol.


  1. Must obtain Blue Sparrow! Very sparkley!

  2. Isn't it wild! Couldn't believe how much was packed in there!