Sunday, March 15, 2009

Polish Ahoy. Or at least some!

Alrighty, finally have a picture (hot grainy camera phone action!) of my collection, albeit partial, there are still some in storage containers and of course the fantastic stuff that's incoming! Wahey! The picture is pants, but you can see the first two and a half rows showing my old Urban Decay and Hard Candy/Candy Man collection! Most of the Hard Candy still applies like a dream. Blech the picture cuts off a little to fit the page layout.

Found a nail polish thinner that I had to resurrect some UD polishes, but luckily I didn't go hoss and do a bunch. Usually I look at ingredients, unfortunately not this time as it was ridiculously full of acetone. Sigh. So my S&M polish is this gross white chalk now. However it did revive Twisted Sister to perfect consistency. But now I have Seche Vite Restore Thinner on the way, which I'd read about on Scrangie. It is a great post too, look how she was able to restore a clumped up dry bottle of L'Oreal Bijou Crystals polish. I mean that thing looked gone!

Just hoping it can restore my Asphalt or a decrepit Frostbite!

My nephews both dig the ManGlaze shades. One is sporting Fuggen Ugly right now! Heheh.

Joint birthday thing today! Should be fun. ^^

Again another reminder to head to Hipster,Please! to pick up Optimus Rhyme's TransfORmed! Huzzah Dub Cyber!