Sunday, March 8, 2009

Man Glaze Polish,Reading...

My ManGlaze polish came friday, just getting around to trying them out, got both The Death Tar (best name ever!) and Fuggen Ugly. Got to love the suspect tagling 'What is thick,dries quick and looks totally sick?'. Heheh. I've seen on several blogs of people applying top coat to these which reveals some sick rainbow shimmer. But am really quite a fan of matte black polish. Still missing UD's Asphalt...oh bumpy flat black polish! /sigh.

If I ever find a replacement connection cord for my ancient cam, pics! But I think that more than likely will be saving up for a new camera, since that one truly is a relic.

Read Witchery (Ghosts of Albion) in it's entirety yesterday, was engrossing and fantastic. Amber Benson and Christopher Golden make a wonderful team. Highly suggest the books, and of course the web series archived here. I <3 Amber Benson. ^^ About to read her Death's Daughter book after I finish up Fransica Lia Block's Psyche in a Dress, which I think I might have read already.

Hmm, okay so The Death Tar is greyer in tint than Knockout Cosmetics black. I like both of them, both are matte but there is a difference in the finishes. Can't wait to try on Fuggen Ugly in a few days as it looks like a wicked almost gunmetal grey. Knockout's deco bottle is the prettiest polish packaging I've ever had, the frosted bottles are stunning and for such a long stem and brush it handles easily.

So warm yesterday and today, it was funny though. Snow everywhere on the ground yet so super springy, throwing snowballs in short sleeves lol. Be nice to finally have spring weather, it's truly been a long winter.

Want to be playing Rainbow 6 Vegas:2! With it's scary making music.

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