Friday, March 13, 2009

Possible Buffy MMO? BPAL 13, Polish

I was reading a post at Slay that there is (post is in the Figures and Collectibles sub forum) a Buffy MMO in the works! I've been playing FFXI since late 05 (although can't seem to stay connected due to some Comcast hijinks of late! Grrrr) am a big fan of MMORPGs, save WoW cause I just couldn't get well into it at all. A Buffyverse! Can't even begin to squee about how wicked exciting that would be. Oh lord ^^

Would pay a monthly for the game for sure, hell I'd drop ol' XI in a heartbeat in favour. Hope this is true, wonder if it would be all Sunnydale style or more in the vein of post Chosen season 8? Hmm, season 8ish would be very interesting Slayers a-plenty! No matter where it falls time line wise, this could rock bells as a MMO! Wishing for the best graphics portion as well if it is indeed happening and of course character customization which is something XI lacks save for a few variants on the same base chars. Basically a couple hairdo's and two choices of tints I think it is.

Finally I'll be able to try some of the gorgeous Nfu Oh shades, I purchased 51,52 and 60 via Now, I'm going to have to behave as there is quite a bit incoming and spending like this needs to be reigned in. ^^

Oh and of course it being friday the 13th a new incarnation of 13 is available at BPAL! Am madly in love with February of this year's 13, the brown sugar note is divine. Plus ahoy the new Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity V4: The Snake Oil Series. There are also bases of Dorian,O and Penitence. Gorgeous one and all. I can't get enough of Snake Oil though (like the hoarding of Boomslang,Lilith Victoria and Western Diamondback in particular) so I can't wait to see what randomness pervades!

Grrr why aren't those L'Oreal Star Magnet polishes available here? Not only is there a bunch of shades other than the two (one was Europe exclusive) Lancome releases but the price is so much better. Sigh.


  1. You will LOVE those Nfu OHh's! The bottles alone I would buy them for!

  2. The bottles are so cute, looking forwards to seeing them in person! The swatches for Nfu Oh seem to be amazing, lots of flashy tints. ^^