Sunday, March 22, 2009

Group Shot of the aforementioned polish haul; UD Gloss

Here's all of my incoming polishes, should hold me off for a dog's age. Forgot to grab China Glaze Gussied Up Green for the shot, just didn't see it. Oops. Click on the image to see a larger full sized picture instead of the condensed/shortened thumb. ^^

Need to make a different layout so as to not need such small thumb pics.

Watched Twilight last night, quite enjoyed it. Was surprised didn't think I would do all that much. Rather liked the Bella character as portrayed in the movie via the character in the books.

Feria root dye time tomorrow. Excitement. Hair dye! *boing*

The new Pocket Rocket Lip Glosses by Urban Decay. I'm not sure whether I am grossed out or like wahey over the packaging. Remember having novelty pens not unlike these when I was much younger. 8 different shades and subsequently different menfolk to choose from in a dressed and lesser so state. Good gimmick or bad?

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