Thursday, March 5, 2009

I've Found It! My Nail Polish tripod pages

My Nail polish tripod site is still up! Check it out Here and marvel at the ancient mess! Wow, I wish I could remember how to access it, as I can't remember which email I used all those a decade or so a go to the account, will have to look round for it. Ahh remember it now, but it's been years inactive so I'm guessing all the other pics that I hadn't put on pages are lost unless I find my hard disc collection which hmmm, might still be around

Look at this page which is a scan of a huge amount of Urban Decay bottles. Looking at them makes me really miss Salmonella and DTs, as well as S&M. Crazy though to see how my old monitor was calibrated color wise now compared to then. There's also scans of catalogues, order form and inserts. I still have these, as well as stickers and the coasters which I'd like to post here to remember the 'Golden Age' (lol) of UD. This was just the Urban Decay portion of my old tripod site.

Here's my other polishes portion of the site. Here is the Hard Candy set of pages. Wow, there are broken images here and there but a lot of scans, including the Candy Man line of polishes and some of the postcards (which I have floating around the house somewhere).

Love looking at all the scans, makes me miss the old UD even more, still have my polish box with dried sadness, should take a picture of that to see what held up over all the years.

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