Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Retried Pictures, IS/Anatometal, NFU Oh 50

Alrighty, here's better pictures of the head on and shot of the wearable/saddle on the Industrial Strength's Gem Eyelets and Anatometal's 'Blings' Gem Eyelets. To see the information about them please check this earlier post which goes into the difference of gems,metals worn and wearables. IS's Gem Eyelets are now available in a Double Flare option.

Saddle and wearable comparison shot.

Head on comparison of widths and channel setting depth.

Still researching cameras. My crown fell off today. >.> /Groan Hot dental action tomorrow to get it repaired.

Alrighty here's another shot of Nfu Oh 50 with flash on.

Mini review on Feria's new formula. Not loving it at all, I don't do whole head for months at a time choosing to stick with roots and then if it has really faded out drag the rest through via their instructions. Am now straw-like and need a larger trim than I'd hoped to do and much deep conditioning. Guess I will go back again to Clairol or splash out for that Fekkai one down the road. But there is humour, my hair is light black so I like to dye it blue black on occasions, here's the kicker it grows in grey in front so for the first few washes I have electric highlights, which are especially neon in sunlight. Mind the flash.

Feria...for teh lulz

Was grabbing a prescription at the pharmacy and was mesmerized by Orly's Love Each Other polish, it truly is cute pinky and purplish flash in it. Think that will be my next mani, prolly tomorrow if I can resist the call of Peppermint Patti. ^^

I caved and bought the expansion for FFXI : A Crystalline Prophecy. Not expecting super much, already hearing whinging in my LSes about how free Haubys for all. XD

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