Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sally Beauty Haul,Death Tar, China Glaze

Was shopping in a plaza with a Sally Beauty and couldn't resist the call of polish! A thousand horrors. Unfortunately upon going forgot the names of the Finger Paints brand polishes that I was interested in, and in person couldn't find one I was interested in over some other polishes. Mostly the haul consists of China Glaze polishes. Click on picture to see larger ^^

From left to right is...Nina Ultra Pro says G8C no real tint name,It's So Easy Rite Stripe which is sheer black with red and blue glitter, China Glaze For Audrey, China Glaze Black Diamond, China Glaze Blue Sparrow and China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base.

Tried out Amour Unique Ruby with a black base, used the Sally Hansen Four in One again and was met again with easy denting hours later, so that is definitely made of fail. The Unique Ruby though was a disappointment wasn't anything phenomenal as described, it was nice but nothing super special. Looking forwards to trying out the CG base. Finally caved and purchased For Audrey after ages and ages dithering about it. Just as gorgeous as people have swatched it.

Here's a picture I meant to post yesterday of ManGlaze's The Death Tar.

CG's Black Diamond looks very interesting, almost a gunmetal grey with what looks to be a blue sheen.

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  1. Awesome haul.!! Great buys.. well, I too just got bright colors China Glaze Nail polish from Sally Beauty.