Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nfu Oh 50, Camera researching,FFXI

I really like Nfu Oh's formula, finally got around to trying one out. It is impossible to catch all the flash of tints. Truly a rainbow of chunky glitter yet it doesn't feel clumpy on the nail when dried. The pictures show two coats of Nfu Oh 50, over a base coat of Revlon's Black Lingerie 919 which is a nice basic black cream. Sorry for the lack of clean up on my nails in the shots.

Researching all manner of digital cameras, it is hard with so much variety from which to pick, but dutifully reading reviews right,left and center as to make the best choice. Would appreciate any and all suggestions. Refuse to be swayed by pink casing to a degree. Am a sucker for pink when it comes to my gadgets, from my phone to my DS to my old lan tower and laptop. XD

A new online expansion pack is coming for Final Fantasy XI: Online, it is called A Crystalline Prophecy. Details, if you can call it as much are available at POL's site. The expansion is available for advance purchase and will go live early April. New armour, with some customizable stats apparently. It is going to be a bitch to register if it's anything like Wings of the Goddess' expansion registration process was. Server pounding wahey. The new base armour doesn't seem fantastic for my WHM, or RDM really for that matter. Suppose I should pound out some of the other jobs. Still want a Nagerling for DRK, if I properly lvl it past my Sky sub for Chainspell>Stun.

More info is available about this expansion on AllaK.


  1. I just got the strongest jab of nostalgia for FFXI reading this - I just cancelled my account last month, because it had been like 6 months of saying "oh, I might get the urge to log on" & then not doing so.

    On cameras - I'm no expert but the handiest feature for taking nail shots is the Macro Mode - which I'm not sure but I think is fairly standard on most cameras now. I didn't know I had it on my 2-year old camera until I started reading blogs & got out the manual.

  2. I've just started up since taking a break in late October. Just when I think I can kick playing it at all...get the desire to log back in.
    Absolutely need to find a camera, these phone pictures are just wrong. ^^ Will see if I can tinker with that in the interim.

  3. Hi there,

    This is my first time posting...love the blog and the Nfu Oh looks great on you!

    I have a Canon Elf digital which works pretty well at taking close ups without blur or any of those other nasty point and click problems. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you do, it works nicely. I bought mine at one of the Best Buys here in T.O. Henry's camera also has some nice used cameras for very reasonable prices, and they have tutorials.

  4. Thank you ^^ I will now head right over to checking out Canon Elfs! Must hit Best Buy and see what's what. Hard to sift through amazon. Thanks :)