Thursday, March 26, 2009

Essie Mesmerize

Hate to even show this, this is Essie's Mesmerize and it just was amazing in how it it wasn't fully set after a day even, so was a lot of denting. Here's it without clean up, wow need to reshape those nails. Dag had no idea some were that uneven!

Wearing it as a pedi, and it's very cute and springy though. Going to abandon ship on Mesmerize as a mani, torn between trying out Peppermint Patti or Rescue Beauty Lounge's Bikini Bottom. Will say though, I really like the shade of blue it is quite flattering and doesn't have a huge yellow tone at all like some medium blues I've tried in the past.

Crown is fixed, a blessedly short visit. Pirate toof intact.

Going to see A Haunting in Connecticut tomorrow. Might try to evade that, remember watching a terrifying account of this on A Haunting series. Blech!


  1. wow!! a day later and it still isn't fully set?? Do you Seche or Poshe? I had a hard to dry/set nail polish and when I used seche on the top, it dried it up nicely.

  2. I didn't use either, I picked up a Sally Hansen Complete Care Four in One, and I think that's the culprit now,rather than the Essie. Am definitely going to reach for the Seche in future.