Friday, March 6, 2009

Mirrors etc. More UD Rambling.

Am going to be making proper mirrors of my polish pages that were on tripod (see below post) because quite frankly I'm surprised they are still up. I'd expected to be looking them up on the way back machine. What I will do though is since I still have all my bottles, empty drying or no as well as all the catalogues and print adverts is to rescan and take newer pictures for a proper site. At best back then I was laying the bottles on the scanner, instead of being savvy and taking pictures against a white backdrop with natural light. So hopefully I'll have everything up and fancy soon at my site here. I had some prototypes as well, because I went through a rough period and stopped updating at tripod, but was still (and am still) a polish fiend. So hopefully will get those on there too...

More Urban Decay rambling. I miss the apothecary polish bottles (hell though Hard as Nails came in the same one back then too lol)...the eyeliners packaged in plastic test tubes and lipstick's packaged to look like bullet shell casings...shadows packed to look like manhole covers and the graffiti logo.

Even the catalogues were foxy two really memorable ones to me are of the handsome guy lounging with his toenails painted in Frostbite and the gorgeous picture of a bottle of Gash Polish shattered and spreading on a pane of glass. Then of course the logo would change and an influx of the formerly puke worthy pink took a hold and then polishes of average lines, nothing fancy until finally no polish at all. The packaging right now. Ick. The odd looking purple lipstick package with the little dagger at the bottom. Blech. Although I must admit that the add on Fancy Filigree cap is pretty, I wouldn't plunk $15 for it.

Was it when Vuitton bought them when it started to change, and then of course for Hard Candy which was purchased as well? Probably remembering incorrectly.

We totally need a new beauty company with a hard edge to emerge again, something fun that doesn't closely adhere to what's out there in general and cuts it's own path just like Urban Decay and Hard Candy had done respectively.

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