Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stuff. Order Galore!

Hmm, nail polish wise ManGlaze's The Death Tar, is less chippy than Knockout Cosmetics. I like the both though as there is a noticeable tint difference. So I thought I'd put a clear coat on The Death Tar, since there have been swatches out there showing it to be glossy with a rainbow sheen. Unfortunately that wasn't my experience, I got a just a bit of silver glimmer and it looked sort of muddy, so I'll stick to it as the lovely matte shade as is meant to be. Love how quickly it dries. Wearing two coats of Fuggen Ugly. Really a nice shade, good aged metal look. Would love a matte polish in a blood red shade, that'd be incredible...or ox blood. Foxy!

Springy again today, after that weird snow last night. Fluffy flakes were flying everywhere, but didn't stick. Was pretty to watch.

Dollhouse is getting saweet! Can always watch it @Hulu online as well. Talking to you Bird!

I miss D and the snarky comments made during Rainbow 6:Vegas 2 lol.

Went on a polish spree, bought three from Barielle, it was buy two get one free so I went for it...coming my way is Date Night,Decadence and Berry Blue! Also big old handful of polishes from Trans Design which should bring about some dark greens,more black or blackened shades,rainbow holo and more. As well as Amour Unique Ruby after seeing a post about it on Getcha Nails Did.


  1. Hey, it's Brooke from Getcha Nails Did, thanks for the shout out. I just found your blog from a comment you left on mine.

    I look forward to checking your blog out!

  2. Your blog is a pleasure to read, I'm certainly glad to share the love about it! ^^